Social media has become such an important part of our everyday lives that it is simply impossible to ignore it. Obviously, you will not be able to ignore it on your wedding day either – but isn’t that too much? How could the social media benefit your Big Day?

We have gathered some tips for you:
Creating a unique hashtag for your wedding is a great idea because it will be really fun for your wedding guests. Even more, it will allow you to centralize the photos your guests make at your wedding and it will also allow you to spot all those small events that may have slipped you during the Big Day. Search Pinterest to find “Hashtag Generators” to give you some ideas.

Signage of your hashtag for your wedding is also important. From temporary tattoos, to cocktail napkins, has lots of fun options! Check out this post on for different ways to promote your hashtag!

Ask your wedding party to download apps that can help everyone stay in touch during the wedding weekend. Some examples are: Groupme (for group texting & photo sharing), Venmo (for sending and receiving money easily).

Social media can also help you be closer to people who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Face timing or organizing a Google hangout with your friends and relatives can make them feel included in the Big Day even if they are hundreds of miles away. Sharing these special moments with your long-distance guests has never been easier.

If you are worried that you might not be able to manage all the social media details, keep in mind that you can always task someone to handle this for you. A cousin, the Best Man or the Maid of Honor could act as your “social media managers” for the Big Day, so that you can focus on all the other details of this huge moment in your life. They can remind guests not to share the pictures before an established hour/date, they can make sure photos of accidents don’t get online and they can also be the ones to centralize the Social Media pictures once everything is done.

Involve your bridesmaid in the planning process by creating Pinterest boards you can invite your friends to pin to. Your friends and family want to help! So instead of shifting through hundreds of pins to find just the right “Seasonal Craft Cocktail” or “Vintage Brooch Bouquet” put your friends to work and have them pin their favorites!

Here at the Villa, we have been having fun by creating our new Pinterest boards. Everything from Boutonnieres & Bow Ties, to Austin Street Art-Photo Opp are waiting for you to take a peek! You can find us on Pinterest at

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